Call To Action


SPAC believes not all parks need to be “activated.” Sometimes it’s OK to let a park be a park, available for all to enjoy. Current Parks Leadership, starting with Director Jason Barron, has chosen to side with special interests on this project and others, giving the few and powerful their wishes while ignoring park patrons and their Advisory Councils.

Why do we love biking, and love parks, but don’t like the combination at Stanbery?

  • The bike community did not ask for this project, rather a non-park patron who does not ride thinks this is a good idea. In fact many trail riders agree Stanbery Park is not a good location for bike trails.
  • Maintenance of the multi-use trails is left to volunteers and not dedicated, paid staffers.
  • Permission to use private land to connect Stanbery Park to the Little Miami Scenic Trail has been revoked. There are now no feasible connections to this trail system.
  • The proposed trails clearly cut directly through the registered archaeological district which includes Traditional Native American cultural places and Sacred Spaces, and is opposed by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.
  • Over 300 park patrons and local residents have signed a petition opposing the addition of bike trails to the park.
  • In 2021, Travel + Leisure, a top travel resource, named Stanbery Park one of the best parks in the United States
    for kid-friendly hikes. “The best hikes for small kids are those closest to home, which families can revisit over and over as their children grow older” Travel + Leisure said. Bike trails built by CORA (Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance), the proposed developer of the bike trails, are overwhelmingly NOT kid-friendly (3 of 68).
  • CORA commissioned a study costing tens of thousands of dollars to plan trails at Stanbery Park. The study determined the trails are not suitable for conversion to multi-use (bike) conversion.


  • Email the park board of commissioners and let them know you would like our trails to remain for pedistrian use only. In the subject line you must put “Public Comment: November 16, 2023” for it to become official record.
  • Email Cincinnati City Council. While Parks operates independently of the city, they do have sway over Parks budget, the Commissioners appointed, and other decisions. One email goes to all city council.
  • Email the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, their funding will be necessary to modify our trails to allow for bikes. WIthout their support, our trails can remain free of extreme sports.
  • Join our organization, known for our fun, laid back group of volunteers. If you love nature, and Mt. Washington, give us a shout.
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